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Pure Effect Water Filters

Coconut CARBON BLOCK Before & After

Our Advanced SuperBlockTM Dual-Catalytic carbon catridges have superior performance (can remove the toxic chloramine as well as thousands of other organic and synethic organic chemicals), discourage bacterial growth, and leave your water tasting fresh, soft and sweet. The pictures below are a typical result of how many visual impurities are removed from the water supply in less than 1/2 of the filter life (3 months) by light usage for a family of 2 where the building had an old plumbing system.  They are designed to last as long as 8-12 months.  Learn more.

The cartridges come standard with the following systems:

CLASSIC (Countertop)

ULTRA (Countertop)

ULTRA-UC (Undercounter)



Brand-New, Before use.
3 months of use by family of 2.