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Pure Effect Water Filters

Pure Effect ULTRA-WHC | City Water Whole House Filtration System

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ULTRA-WH-C (City-Water) | Whole-House Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

Water Quality
Build Quality
Ease of Use
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Customer Reviews

  1. Very Happy
    Review by Michelle Verified Customer
    Water Quality
    Build Quality
    Ease of Use

    I purchase House system for city water in July 2012, have changed out filters once in Dec 2013.
    I love how this system has improved Baltimore's drinking water, no smell or taste. My Brother-in-law from Washington State commented, he has never had water that didn't have an odor or strange taste to it.
    Plumber came in and installed in basement so that it captures the water coming in from the main, so all of my house is now filtered appropriately.
    When changing out the filters, this took me approx 1 hour, I was by myself and having to release air and build up within the filters and with all the water in the filters, made this very heavy for me to control, so needless to say, I had water everywhere attempting to replace the old with the new....but easy cleanup.
    So, after almost having this system for two years, big improvement overall in water, showers and clothes.
    My systems at 40PSI and I still have great water pressure. When my pressure goes down and hardly have any water coming through, tells me that it is time to change out filters...once the filters have been replaced, pressure is back up at 100%
    Baltimore, Maryland

    (Posted on 3/13/2014)

  2. Best on the market
    Review by Don Treichler Verified Customer
    Water Quality
    Build Quality
    Ease of Use

    The system has been operating for three weeks with exceptional success. The water quality from any tap is excellent. The operating pressure is 62 psi and there is no noticeable loss in system pressure. I had a plumber install it and I couldn't ask for a better system. Don Treichler (Posted on 2/15/2014)

  3. Overall Excellent
    Review by Gregory Verified Customer
    Ease of Use
    Water Quality
    Build Quality

    I liked everything about it except plastic parts. Had the plumber use copper ball valve and parts. The water quality is satisfactory. Thank you

    Thank you for your review Gregory. I would like to add that since the water sits in and passes through the plumbing of your home, it looses quality and may absorb some metals/pipe buildup, etc. We recommend adding our drinking water system in combination with a whole house unit so to clean the water directly as it exits your faucet. With respect to the plastic valves, these have now been upgraded to high grade brass valves in all whole house systems. (Posted on 2/21/2013)

  4. Best option on the market
    Review by Chris Verified Customer
    Ease of Use
    Water Quality
    Build Quality

    Bought my unit about 8 weeks ago I think. Installed myself in a day after some careful planning. Been running on it for about 4 weeks now. Water quality is awesome and the difference is very noticeable. I have static pressure around 90psi and running pressure of the unit is about 60psi. Considering this is a 4 stage filter, that's pretty darn good. The better water has started to clean my old faucets and fittings so I'm starting to fix those around the house as well. Basically, instead of more buildup on old rubber and seals, the clean water is removing the gunk, you'll notice this from time to time with dark or clouded water from sink faucets mostly.

    The only reason I didn't 5 start the Build Quality was the wall mount for the shorter pre-filter does not line up flush with the main 3 stage filter unit, and this caused my wall mount plans to be a little skewed. I was able to work around it though and my install turned out great in the end.

    A few tips for those getting this on the install:
    Put a reusable connection on both sides, threaded mates or sharkbite.
    Install your own ball valve before and after the unit
    Install a hose pipit (it's sold for hot water tanks and allow you to attach a garden hose) between the unit output and post unit ball valve.

    This way you can turn off the house, turn off the main, and use the hose output to dump the filter pressure for either changing filters or working on the unit itself.
    The other use is turning off the house (post unit ball valve) and using the hose pipit to flush new filters much easier.

    I have pictures of my install if anyone is interested.

    Thanks Pure Effect.

    Thank you for the in-depth review, it will surely be helpful to those considering this system. We are providing a link to your installation photo for those interested:

    (Posted on 11/16/2012)

    Review by Michael Verified Customer
    Water Quality
    Build Quality
    Ease of Use


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Water Quality
Build Quality
Ease of Use