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Welcome to, the home of advanced Countertop, Undercounter and Shower water filters/revitalizers for the widest-range of contaminant reduction for your daily drinking, cooking, bathing and other clean water needs.

Our high-quality, high-performance drinking water systems help Naturally raise/maintain Alkaline pH, enhance Antioxidant properties of water, and effectively filter out:

Radiation - Fluoride - Pharmaceuticals (Drug Residues) - Microorganisms (Bacteria, Viruses, etc.) - Heavy Metals - VOC's (petrochemical byproducts) - Chloramine/Chlorine - Disinfection Byproducts (THM's, HAA's, NDMA) - PFAS (PFOS, PFOA, PFNA, etc.) - Pesticides/Herbicides - Sediment/Particulate, Nano and Micro Particles/Plastics - Bad Tastes/Odors & More!




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Ultra-WH-Well | Whole House Replacement Cartridges

ULTRA-WH-Well | Whole-House System Cartridge Replacement Set

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ZEOLITE, NATURE'S RADIATION REMOVAL MINERAL: Zeolites are a class of unique natural minerals that have a high ability to adsorb impurities from the water, discourage bacteria, eliminate ammonia and help maintain an alkaline PH.  Various zeolite structures posses different affinity or attraction for specific elements via the principle of ion exchange.  The Pure Effect Zeolite in our water filters is specially cleansed and activated to yield maximum radiation absorption potential.  This unique mineral has an attraction for the Cesium-134, 137, Strontium-90 and various other Radioactive isotopes.  When the radioisotopes in water and Zeolite make contact, the Zeolite releases it's "less-preferred" non-radioactive ions of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and other natural minerals and electrolytes, in exchange for absorbing radioactive ones.   Zeolite has been used throughout the world by Nuclear Facilities In Britain and USA, as well as during the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, to block, absorb, and eliminate radiation from the environment and particularly, the drinking water supply, and now this technology is available for home drinking water filtration.

HOW DO YOU REMOVE RADIATION FROM WATER?:  Pure Effect water filters can remove a large amount of radiation from the water via a specially formulated Zeolite, KDF, and Activated Carbon combination which possesses capabilities to attract and adsorb radioactive particles (Radionuclides/Radioisotopes) such as Plutonium, Cesium-137,134, Iodine-131, Strontium-90 and other positively charged ions. Tap Water Radiation is a growing concern here in the USA and around the globe, there are various news reports that radiation from Japan has reached various US water supplies of at least 13 major cities, and many are asking:  How do I remove radiation from water? and What is the best water filter to remove radiation?  We have the answer:  Protect your water supply with our Pure Effect Anti-Radiation Water Filters, learn how our Pure Effect Ultra & Classic Water Filtration Systems can effectively reduce or remove a large amount of radiation from your tap water.   Order a pure effect water filter system today and have peace of mind that Radiation, Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals and other contaminants will be effectively filtered out.  At Pure Effect, to ensure superior quality and effectiveness of our filter systems, we do not source anything from China 

OUR FLUORIDE REMOVAL FILTERS WORK WITHOUT ACTIVATED ALUMINA OR REVERSE OSMOSIS:  Common Fluoride filter methods on the market include Reverse Osmosis (which acidifies your water by removing natural minerals and electrolytes, and also wastes a lot of water) and Activated Alumina water filters (which usually remove only about 50% of Fluoride, and are questionable due to the fact that they're sourced from aluminum).  Pure Effect Proprietary Fluoride removal water filters leave the natural minerals in your water and gently raise alkaline pH using our all natural, non-aluminum (alumina-free) FluorSorb-MAXTM media, which outperforms the commonly used synthetic activated alumina by apx. 50+% for virtually 100% Fluoride removal.  Our systems filter out various forms of Fluoride, including one of the most toxic types: Fluorosilicic Acid.  In addition to the right media, Fluoride removal requires specific conditions and flow rates which our water filters have been properly designed to achieve, resulting in exceptional removal of Fluoride levels.  Our FluorSorb-MAXTM media is a unique combination of calcium and carbon, which also allows it to absorb and filter many other contaminants out of your water, and also raises alkaline pH naturally with trace amounts of natural calcium ions.  We offer the following water filtration options for Fluoride removal: Countertop, Undercounter and Whole House Filter Systems.