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ULTRA-WH-C (City-Water) | Whole-House Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

ULTRA-WH-C (City-Water) | Whole-House Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2016):

I'll provide a quick list of pros and cons, but want to say that overall I'm very pleased with my purchase.
1. The customer service is excellent. Igor was very helpful on all of the many occasions that I called.
2. Delivery is fast
3. The set-up isn't too hard, but I did use a plumber. I placed my unit outside, so this set-up was a bit different. I know these units aren't made to go outside in the elements, but my water line starts at the road and then branches out in all directions before reaching the house. If I wanted to filter it all, I had to start there. So, my set-up was a bit more difficult than the average set-up will be. If I had put it in a garage, it would have been even simpler.
4. It holds up very well outside. I have mine covered and insulated. There have been no leaks or breaks as of yet. I'm going on my second year now, so things may change. I have had a problem with rust on some of the parts, but I think this is due to the fact that there is so much condensation on my unit from the insulation and outdoor temp. variation. In a garage, I don't think there would be much rust, if any.
5. It removes the chlorine very well. The smell and texture of my water has changed dramatically. When I had to remove the cartridges for about a week (I was behind in ordering new ones), I was shocked at how strong the chemical smell in the water was. It burned my eyes and skin- my water co. gets in trouble regularly for their violations. When the unit is in, I detect none of this. With the filter, I never get chlorine burns or rashes from the water anymore.
1. Low water pressure. Even when I fully open the faucets, there is a noticeable difference in pressure. Usually, after I first replace the cartridges, the pressure isn't too bad. After a while though the pressure becomes much lower. If someone on the other side of the house flushes while I'm in the shower, my pressure is easily cut in half. This, naturally, worsens as the cartridges become older. Some of this may be due to the distance of the filter from the house, too.
2. Carbon. It is not always easy to flush the carbon out of the cartridges completely. I try to flush into the yard before I let the water go into the house pipes, but even then, some always gets in. The amount varies from cartridge replacement to cartridge replacement. My first time was horrible. My second time, there was no carbon. The last time, there has been a medium amount. I see it mostly in the toilets. There is a black residue that remains. However, to me, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefit of having the filter.
3. Price. I wish the replacement cartridges were cheaper, since I have to replace them about 3 times a year.
4. Messy. This is just the nature of filters, but replacing the cartridges can be messy. Water will get on and around you. With a smaller filter this isn't a problem, but with one this size, that's a significant amount of water. I wouldn't recommend putting this inside of a home. A garage is your best bet.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. If I had to do it all over again, I'd definitely buy the filter. I do wish the cartridges lasted longer somehow. I guess this isn't possible without a larger unit, which I don't want. As for my star rating. I gave it a 4 on water quality because of the carbon issue and pressure issue. I putting a 4 on build quality because of the plastic connecting parts on the unit (not the housings- those are fine).


Dear JP,

First, thank you for taking time out of your day to write a helpful, honest and informative review of your experience, it's much appreciated. A few comments on what you've said which I would like to clarify for you and potential customers. You mentioned some rusting, and yes, this can occur if you install it outdoors (which we don't recommend in our instructions). Nevertheless, this is a purely cosmetic effect and is related to the floor stand bracket, and has nothing to do with the internals of the filter or water quality. That being said, we're in the process of making the main bracket out of stainless steel on the new batch of systems, we're on it! :)

With respect to water pressure, this depends on the overall PSI in your plumbing system to begin with. For most of our customers, there is no pressure drop, however, if your PSI is low to begin with (under 50), then there will be some reduction in pressure. Also, only the first 3 cartridges must be flushed first before you placed the 4th (last) one in, else it will get clogged from the carbon dust from first 3. Other pressure drop issues can be easily remedied by a simple booster pump installed before the filter system. We recommend looking for a low-noise / quiet booster pump. If you need to easily check your water pressure, an inexpensive device like this can work and you won't need to pay a plumber come out for this simple task:

To better and easily flush new cartridges, we recommend installing a drain/bypass valve at the output of the filter, which allows to simply connect a garden hose and flush out the cartridges without spilling water everywhere. When changing cartridges, there are some basic steps we recommend to help with minimizing water spilling, please contact us to confirm if you're doing this properly.

With regard to the plastic connecting parts, we have switched those out to lead-free brass. If you'd like to replace yours with brass ones, please give us a call.

We have improved even more since you purchased your system, and it is because of feedback like yours. Thank you very much, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you every have any concerns or need some advice on your system.