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Latest Water News




Train Derailment in Ohio releases chemicals into Ohio River

Study finds 93% of bottled water contains micro plastics

Seattle company dumped toxic waste directly into sewer system that reaches the waterway

Japan set to dump Radioactive Fukushima waste into the ocean

Antibiotics found in Rivers of 72 countries

State of Emergency Declared: Toxic Algae in Oregon Water

Radioactive Radium Contamination of Public Water Supplies Nationwide

Ohio Sues Dupont for Allegedly dumping Toxic Chemicals into Ohio River

Industrial Chemicals Found in Michigan Drinking Water

Microscopic Plastic Fibers Found in Tap and Bottled Waters

Study: 77 Million Americans Exposed to Unsafe Drinking Water

Nuclear Emergency Declared in Hanford, WA

Gallup Poll: 63% of Americans Worried About Drinking Water Pollution

Nearly 3,000 US Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint

UN: Threat of a hacking attack on nuclear plants is growing

Man with a Foreign Passport Caught Trespassing in a Chicago Water Treatment Plant, then Vanishes

New Report Finds "Erin Brokovich Chemical" (Hexavalent Chromium) in drinking water of 218 Million Americans

FL Aquifer Contaminated with Millions of Gallons of Radioactive Water

Latest Harvard Study Finds Unsafe Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water of 33 States

Green Slime Bubbles out of Utahs' Sewers

Colorado Water Supply Tainted with THC

EPA Proposal Allows Radiation in Drinking Water Equivalent to 250 Chest X-Rays

Hackers Infiltrate Water Treatment Control Systems, Change levels of chemicals in tap water

75% of US Nuclear Power Sites Leaking

Miami Oceanfront Nuclear Powerplant Leaking

NY Nuclear Powerplant Contaminates Hudson River with Radioactive Waste, Drinking Water May be affected

CA Farmers irrigate crops with Chevrons' Oil WasteWater

Radioactive Contamination in NY Groundwater

Emergency Declared in Flint, Michigan: Lead Contamination in Tap Water

Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores

Nuclear Waste to be Buried in CA Beach

Highly Toxic Sodium Cyanide from China Blast getting into water supplies through rain

Toxic Sulfur Dioxide Spill in Indiana

3+ Million gallons of contaminated water spilled into The Animas River, Colorado

Worms found in TX drinking water

New Study: Cocaine, other drugs found in Canadas' drinking water

New Study: No Evidence Fluoride Prevents Cavities

Bottled Water Recall: E.Coli Contamination

Fukushima leak may cause Hydrogen Explosion

CA Dought may mean drinking processed sewage

California Aquifers Contaminated with Fracking Fluid

Transformer explosion at NY nuclear facility

Fracking Chemicals Detected in PA drinking water

TEPCO Admits, Fukushima leaking again

Study: Not Drinking Enough Water Has Same Effect as Drunk Driving

Visualizing Americas' Water Crisis

New Highly Radioactive Leak at Fukushima

Fluoride in Drinking water may trigger Weight Gain/Depression, Scientists warn

Nuke Plants Face Potential EMP Disaster

Upto 100 Million Microbes in every Quart of Tap Water

Rise of Toxic Algae In Drinking Water Supplies

Water Agency Admits to Concealing Chemical in Drinking Water

NJ Water Utility Covered Up Violations

Drink Water to cut Obesity, Health Experts Say

Clean Filtered Water with Ideal Chemistry for Perfect Cup of Coffee

Texas City to re-use sewage for drinking water

Panic As City Declares Tap Water Toxic

Scientists find >24,000 chemicals in bottled H2O

Fukushima Radiation to Hit West Coast

VA Chemical Spill Contaminates Drinking Water

Radioactive Japanese Wave Nearing US

38 Pollutants Found in Bottled Water

Water Contamination Issues in New Orleans

6 Underground Nuclear Tanks Leaking in WA

WHO Admits Importance of Minerals in Water

Harvard Study Concludes, Fluoride Lowers IQ 

Factories Dumping Drugs into Water Supplies

Nuclear Water Spill in Pennsylvania 

High Methane Levels found In PA water 

California Nuclear Plant Shutdown, Radiation Leak

EPA Sounds Alarm on Hydraulic Fracking

Texas drinking water radioactive

Desperate to Drink, Texans Turns to Wastewater

BIG SIS Warns Of Sabotage on Water Supplies, Nuke Plants...

Toxic Fracking Fluid Being Treated by OH Water Plant

Crude Oil from Exxon Spills into Yellowstone River

Methane Gas Contamination in Drinking Water

6 Mil. Gal. of Raw Sewage Pumped Into Missouri River

Texas Officials Hide High Water Radiation Levels

Water Fluoridation is a Civil Rights Violation

NYC cuts fire Dept, yet leaves millions for Fluoride

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 US Cities

Radiation found in Massachusetts Water

Radioactive waste found in PA drinking water

FL drinking water threatened by BP oil spill

Chloramine issues in Pennsylvania Water

Why Fluoridation of public water is Illegal

Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water

Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act

Human Sterilization through water supply?

U.S. Bolsters Water Chemical Restrictions

Cities rarely release water test results

Over 2100 Toxic Chemicals in US Drinking Water

What’s In Your Water?

Water Hardness Map