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Pure Effect Water Filters

Installation Instructions



1. If your faucet is a "pull out" spray style, please ensure it has a removable aerator (see here) to expose the threading. 

After you unscrew the aerator, measure the internal diameter of the thread inside the faucet, and see which of the below adapters is a match

Click on the blue links to order the appropriate adapter:

1). 23.8mm (15/16" Male) diameter.

  2). 22.0mm (13/16" Male) diameter.  

                                                 3). 19.0mm (3/4" Female) diameter (Chicago Style Faucets).          


For faucets where you cannot unscrew the aerator with a wrench, an aerator removal tool may be necessary.  Please confirm this with the manufacturer of your faucet.


If you happen to have such a faucet type where the aerator cannot be removed, you may then want to consider our Undercounter Model: ULTRA-UC which comes with it's own dedicated faucet; or if you still wish for the Countertop system, then another option is to change your kitchen faucet to one that has a removable aerator.


2. Our Diverter attachment, which redirects the water to the counter filter units is pictured below and is designed to screw onto your faucet in place of the aerator mesh.  **If you have a female (inner threaded) faucet, we include free adapters for this with every filter system.


Faucet Diverter Valve




(Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to open and view the PDF Installation Files below.)

- Please click on the system of your choice below -



Typically, the User-Friendly installation of the units takes about 15 minutes and requires no special tools. 

 COMPACT (Countertop Water Filter) CLASSIC (Countertop Water Filter)   ULTRA (Countertop Filter)          ULTRA-DISINFECT (Countertop Filter)



User-Friendly Installation (takes apx. 45 minutes) requires very basic plumbing & GFCI Protected power outlet for the New DISINFECT Model.


ULTRA-UC (Undercounter water filter)            ULTRA-UC-DISINFECT (Undercounter Disinfection Water Filter)




Installation requires a Licensed and Insured Plumber and can take apx. 3-5 hours.



                     ULTRA-WHC (Whole House City Water Filter)             



         ULTRA-WHW (Whole House Well Water Filter)




If you have any additional questions or need help after reviewing the instructions, feel free to Contact Us by:

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 1-888-891-4821  | Live Chat