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*Continental US only (excludes Shower Filters and shipments to AK, HI, PR).

The PureShower Filter

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PURESHOWER FILTER SYSTEM | For Chlorine, Chlorination Byproducts, VOCs, Hydrogen Sulfide, Radon and More

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This is the COMPLETE shower filter system (housing + cartridge).  If you need only replacement cartridges, please click here.

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Note: Due to expanded capacity and efficacy of this filter, it's weight is apx. 5lbs when filled with water.  Please ensure your shower pipe is sturdy and has a flange installed (see here) before ordering.

Introducing our latest addition to the PureEffect Advanced Filtration Product Line: The PureShowerTM Filter.

*Recommended for Apartments/Condos and/or where an affordable alternative is needed to whole house filters.

This filter, like all our systems, uses NO Chinese Components and features a US Made Filtration Cartridge designed to help reduce various toxic chemicals, particularly ones that can turn into a gas and thereby be inhaled during a shower. As a result, this filter provides a safer and significantly improved showering/bathing experience.


1. PureShowerTM Advanced Filter Cartridge
2. Lead-Free Chrome Connector
3. Housing Wrench
4. Plumbers Tape
5. Installation Instructions


CHEMICALS: (Evaporative)

a. Chlorine
b. Radon
c. Iodine-131
d. Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell)
e. VOCs (Benzene, Toluene, Methane, etc.)
f.  Drug Residues
g. Disinfection Byproducts (Chloroform, THMs)

A note regarding Fluoride removal:

Proper Fluoride removal requires a flow rate of apx. 0.5GPM, which is prohibitively slow for a shower that typically flows at apx. 2.5GPM, it also requires much more filtration media than can fit into a shower filter, as such, we have found from years of research and testing that Fluoride removal is not feasible or effective in shower filters at this time despite various claims we have come across.  It may help to know that Fluoride does not turn into a gas like many other chemicals can, so there's much less likelihood to inhale it during a shower; and as per EU Dept. of Public Health, skin absorption is unlikely since Fluoride has low membrane permeability in neutral pH (city tap water pH is kept at or near neutral by law).


1. Contains Advanced Catalytic Activated Carbon
2. Contains Patented KDF55 Media
3. More Thorough: Apx. 2x More Media Than Most Filters
4. Reduces Your Exposure to Toxic Vapors
5. Helps Protect Skin/Hair/Eyes
6. Lead-Free, Phthalate/BPA-Free
7. Simple to install in apx. 10 Minutes
8. Connects to most Standard 1/2" NPT Shower Pipes
9. Made in USA

*Shower Head Not included.

The PureShower Filter is designed to address a whole host of toxic chemicals that are of particular concern in a shower setting, and those are the chemicals which evaporate with the water vapor into the air around you.  These include but are not limited to: Chlorine, VOCs (Benzene, Toluene, etc.), Certain Drug Residues, Disinfection byproducts (Chloroform, THMs, etc.) and others.  This shower filter has 4 phases through which the water passes through helping it greatly reduce or eliminate such concerns.

4 Phases of Filtration:

Primary Sediment

Sediment Filter at the input of the system catches sediment/silt particles, helping extend the life of rest of the filter media without sacrificing flow rate.


Patented KDF55 media de-chlorinates your water by converting the toxic chlorine to it's natural and benign form: Chlor-ide.  Since this media contains natural Zinc in it's formulation, the Zinc in the cartridge also serves to to help prevent fouling/stagnation issues within the cartridge.


Advanced Catalytic Activated Carbon.  This is an superior form of activated carbon that not only absorbs chemicals into it's micro pore structure (as regular carbons do), but also catalyzes or breaks them down on contact.  This stage is designed for further redundancy for elimination of Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (Cause of Rotten Egg Smell), Radon Gas, Drug Residues and VOCs.  Regular activated carbon commonly used in many shower filters is less effective than our Catalytic Carbon for reduction of Complex Chemicals.

Secondary Sediment

Secondary Sediment Filter at the output of the system catches additional sediment/silt particles, and helps prevent the advanced carbons and KDF 55 from escaping from the cartridge.

Optimal Cartridge Change Recommendation:

Please note: We recommend to replace our PureShowerTM Filter Cartridge more often than most other shower filter brands, this is because instead of basing the cartridge life on one of the easiest to remove chemicals, Chlorine (which is how most filter companies calculate the rated cartridge life), we also factor in other chemicals/contaminants in the water resulting in a much safer and more redundant approach.

Every 4 Months = 1 Person

Every 3 Months = 2 People

Every 2 Months = 3 People

Every 1 Month   = 4-5 People


Installation Instructions: Click here

Apx. Unit Dimensions: 7" (Height) x 6" (Width) - Weight: 5lbs

Filtered Water Flow: Apx. 2.0 - 2.5 Gallons/min

Max Water Temp: 125F

Max Water Pressure: 80PSI

Warranty: 2 Years


*Individual results may vary.  **Our filter systems are designed to be used only with water that is approved for drinking by the local, state and/or federal regulations.

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