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ULTRA (Countertop) | Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

ULTRA (Countertop) | Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

Product Review (submitted on November 2, 2017):

Water tastes great. At this point it is hard for me to enjoy water or even tea from water from the tap. Even in countries where the government claims their tap water is safe to drink.
The whole system is quite big, so if you have limited space around your sink, it might be cumbersome to put it in place. It would be handy if there was a more convenient tap/faucet with an easy to operate valve that would efficiently stop water from dripping from the faucet (in case its not placed directly over the sink).
There is also the question of whether the water should be alkaline (as in case of this system) or more acidic. After reading tons of information online I have to say that I have no idea. Both sides of this discussion have their points, but none of them conclusive in my opinion.

Thank you for your review Pawel. I'd like to address some good points you brought up, the drip from the spout and the alkaline/acid water matter. Regarding the dripping: Countertop filters function in a way that requires them to de-pressurize when the water is turned off, as such, some water may drip out of the spout right after you turn the system off, this is by design and is normal. The amount of water that drips out is negligible, however, you're correct that it should be placed near the sink so that it can drip into it.

When it comes to alkaline vs. acidic water, we look to nature and the Science of Chemistry for the answer. Almost all water in nature (ponds, rivers, aquifers, lakes), with some exceptions, is alkaline (above 7.0pH). This is because it has natural and necessary alkaline elements like calcium and magnesium in it, which raise the water's natural hydrogen concentration (important for hydration). See this study:

Further, acidic water is often devoid of necessary minerals (e.g. rain which hasn't yet finished it's precipitation cycle, reverse osmosis and distilled/deionized water which is corrosive, etc.) and can leach minerals from the body, resulting in poor hydration. So we follow water as it is normally found in nature, it must have a gentle alkaline pH and a good mineral balance. This kind of water is what humans and animals evolved with for thousands of years and provides us the best example of proper natural water chemistry.

More on this subject can be read on this comprehensive study on the importance of minerals in the water: