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ULTRA (Countertop) | Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metals, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

ULTRA (Countertop) | Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metals, Chem and Micro-Sediment Water Filter / Revitalizer

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2012):

Like a lot of other folks doing reviews, I've been researching water filters for over a year but put off buying because I felt other filters lacked the "have it all" features that I finally found in the Ultra. Seriously, who wouldn't want Fluoride-, radiation-, drug-, chemical- and bacterial-free water that actually restores PH and minerals AND can be used without electricity.

There's no doubt the price was high (but no higher than other filters that did a lot less) but the minute I heard about the filter (on podcasts like "What On Earth Is Happening with Mark Passio" and "Truth Frequency with Chris and Sheree Geo") it just seemed like a legitimate product (and I always wondered about many of the competing brands who seemed like their commercials were everywhere -- how much of the price was going for advertisement? And what was with all the additional scare tactics their commercials seemed to have? Hated that!)

Anyway, I did rate it 4 instead of 5 stars for ease of use because you do have to install it but my husband who really has NO experience doing things around the house, was able to install it in a short time. (we did have to get plumbers tape and one attachment from the store but we also rent so the faucet wasn't our choice).

Bottom line, once installed (and it doesn't look too bad on the counter top), it not only worked like a charm but the water (after initial flushing) was unbelievably revitalized and pure tasting. Literally, we did a smell test using our existing tap water and the newly filtered water and it was remarkable. Compared side by side, we suddenly realize how incredibly chemical and bleachy our tap water smelled and how great and mountain spring like the filtered water tasted. It's been a few days and my husband keeps saying "Wow, I'm really glad we got that filter." (which is quite a relief when you spend that kind of money on something and your husband's initially maybe a little skeptical). We are so happy to have found Pure Effect Filters and are looking forward to seeing how much of the cumulative effects of years of drinking fluoride poisoned water can possibly be reversed (or at least stopped) going forward. Also, I can't understate the peace of mind that comes from knowing there's no radiation leftovers from Fukushima in the water. We purchased ours online using the site and although there was a very slight delay (which they explained in their confirmation email), it was DEFINITELY worth the wait and worth the expense.

Sorry this is such a long review but when I'm considering making a large purchase like this, I want to know as much about the effectiveness and ease of installation of the product as possible. Hope this helps! Health, happiness, truth, freedom and prosperity to you all!