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Descaler-MAX | Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative

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DESCALER-MAX | The Water Softener Alternative (Salt-Free and Effective Hard Water Solution)

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Introducing our latest addition to the PureEffectTM Product Line: The Descaler-MAXTM System.

A safe & effective solution for hard water conditions and a superior alternative to salt-based water softeners and the often ineffective electric/magnetic devices.

This Descaler-MAXTM System, like all our systems, uses NO Chinese Components and features a patented German-Made Descaling Media designed to significantly reduce scale buildup inside your plumbing system and water-using appliances, thereby, extending their life and saving your valuable time and money.

IS YOUR WATER HARD?  If you don't have white residue on your shower head nozzle or dishes after they air dry, your water is probably not hard.  However, to know more precisely the level of hardness, you can order this simple DIY test: Click Here.


1. DESCALER-MAXTM Descaling Cartridge 
2. Clear Housing w/Steel Mounting Bracket
3. Lead-Free Brass Fittings
4. Housing Wrench
5. Installation Instructions 


1. Protects & Saves Your Home's Pipes.
2. Extends life of water using appliances.
3. Improves efficiency of water heaters.
4. Keeps naturally occurring minerals in your water. 
5. Helps dissolve existing scale buildup. 

6. Media Made in Germany.


1. Does not make water dangerously slippery.
2. Does not denature water by mineral removal.
3. Does not Add Salt to your water.
4. Simple DIY cartridge changes every 2 years.
5. No Electricity / No Water Waste
6. Lead-Free, Phthalate/BPA-Free Materials
7. Very Low Maintenance (No Back-washing/No Salt Changes)

Please Note:  For Optimal Performance, The Descaler-MAXTM System must be protected from sediment and various contaminants by a preceding water filtration system such as this one.


The Descaler-MAXTM System features a unique NSF 61 Compliant media which helps correctly and effectively address the core cause of water hardness problems (calcium and magnesium scale buildup).  This system descales your water without the negative side effects which occur with salt/potassium based water softeners (e.g. slippery water, removal of beneficial minerals, increase of water salt content, negative impact on taste and corrosion of plumbing system from salt), or the often ineffective electric/magnetic devices.

The media inside our system instantly reacts with the calcium and magnesium as the water passes through, causing them to bond together into harmless mineral crystals and thus become effectively "neutralized" and isolated within the water stream, this in turn prevents these minerals from sticking to things as they pass through your plumbing system.

As a result, this system can prevent significant and costly damage to your plumbing system, water-using appliances such as: dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, valves, dehumidifiers, irrigation systems, etc), saving you money, time and frustration on costly repairs.

Please Note: The minerals remain neutralized while in the water supply; however, if water is left to evaporate (e.g. from dishes), the minerals will stay behind (use white vinegar to clean such surfaces).  This system is not meant to prevent cosmetic effects such as white film on dishes or other surfaces from which the water evaporates, but is designed to protect all components that either continually stay wet (plumbing system) or through which water often passes (water-using appliances).


Optimal Cartridge Change Recommendation:

Every 2 Years (to prevent fouling/stagnation)


Installation Instructions: Coming Soon

Apx. Unit Dimensions: 25" (Height) x 6" (Width)

Ideal Water Conditions for Proper Performance:

Max Water Flow: 10 Gallons/Min

Max Water Pressure: 80PSI

Max Hardness: 15GPG (250ppm)

Max Iron: 0.3ppm

Max Manganese: 0.05ppm

Max Silica: 10ppm

Max Hydrogen Sulfide: 0ppm

Max Phosphates: 0ppm

Warranty: 2 Years


*Individual results may vary.  **Our filter systems are designed to be used only with water that is approved for drinking by the local, state and/or federal regulations.

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