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Advanced Dual-Catalytic Carbon Block Before & After

Our Advanced SuperBlockTM Dual-Catalytic carbon catridges have superior performance (can remove the toxic chloramine as well as thousands of other organic and synethic organic chemicals), discourage bacterial growth, filter out sub-micron particles (0.5 micron) and leave your water tasting fresh, soft and sweet. The pictures below are a typical result of how many visual impurities (rust, silt, dirt, sediment, tubidity etc.) are removed from the water supply in less than 1/2 of the filter life (3 months) by light usage for a family of 2 where the building had an old plumbing system.  They are designed to last as long as 8-12 months.  Learn more.

This cartridge comes standard with the following filtration systems:

CLASSIC (Countertop)

ULTRA (Countertop)

ULTRA-UC (Undercounter)




(From Left to Right: Used Cartridge after apx. 12 months by a family of 2 and Brand New Cartridge).