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*Continental US only (excludes Shower Filters and shipments to AK, HI, PR).

ULTRA-WH-PRO Whole House Filtration System

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ULTRA-WH-PRO (Whole House) | Chemicals, Radiation, Heavy Metals, Sediment & Hard Water

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State-Of-The-Art Whole House Filtration System


For optimal drinking water: In compliment to the whole house system, we recommend a Countertop or Undercounter Filter as they will filter even more thoroughly and remove contaminants that may leach from the plumbing system after the whole house filter.

If you have a fire suppression system: Ensure the water flow to the suppression system is connected BEFORE the leak-stopper device that comes with this system, else, the leak-stopper will shut the water off when it gets wet.

Cannot be installed in crawlspaces.  - This unit ships only within the US.

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Compressed Carbon: More thorough than granular. (Tanks)
No water waste by back-washing (Tanks)
No risk of backwash-recontamination (Tanks)
No fouling common with "maintenance-free" systems (Tanks)
No bypassing/channeling of filtration media (Tanks)
DIY cartridge changes (save $$$ on plumber visits)
No messy media to refill (Tanks)
Doesn't cause plumbing corrosion (R.O.)
Doesn't remove natural minerals (R.O.)
No membrane to clog/breed bacteria (R.O.)
No water waste by rejection (R.O.)


Integrated LED Cartridge Life Monitor
Advanced 2-Stage Pre-Filter
High-Quality Fittings (Made in UK)
Replaceable Cartridge System
Automatic Leak-Stopper Device


Clothes/Dish Washing
Face Washing/Teeth Brushing and more


1. Advanced 2-Stage Pre-Filter (25/1 micron layers)
2. Descaler-MAXTM Add-on (optional)
3. Advanced 0.5 Micron Catalytic Carbon Block (for main tank)
4. Automatic Leak-Stopper Safety Device
5. LED Cartridge Change Indicator & Meter
Pressure Gauge, Housings, Brackets, Connection Fittings



  1. Chlorine

  2. Chloramine

  3. Drug Residues

  4. Herbicides/Pesticides

  5. Volatile Organics (VOCs)**

  6. Synthetic Organics (SOCs)**

  7. Hormone/Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)**

  8. Disinfection Byproducts (THMs, HAAs' Chloroform, etc.)

  9. Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFAS, PFOS, PFOA, etc.)


  1. Iodine-131

  2. Radon

  3. Radium

  4. Uranium


  1. Iron

  2. Lead

  3. Mercury


  1. Silt

  2. Rust

  3. Sediment

  4. Micro-Plastics


  1. Prevents/Reverses Hard Water Buildup (w/Descaler)

  2. Preserves Naturally Occurring Minerals

  3. Helps Prevent clothes being "ruined by rust" during washes.

  4. Minimum Pressure Drop

*Our systems should not be used with micro-biologically unsafe water, or water that has not been approved for drinking by local, state or federal authorities.

Important: Please ensure this system will fit your place of install before ordering.

Space Requirement: 70" Height x 40" Width x 13" Depth

Installation Prep. Guide:  Click Here

NOTE: For Drinking/Cooking Water: Due to heavy metal leeching, buildup and potentially bacteria inside home piping systems, we highly recommend filtering the water again, directly AFTER the plumbing system using one of our countertop or undercounter systems for drinking.  This will create a strong level of redundancy and ensure the freshest water taste and brightness. (Fluoride may be removed up to 100% when using our ULTRA and ULTRA-UC drinking water systems).  If you're also concerned about micro biological issues (e.g. viruses, bacteria, etc.), then take a look at our ULTRA-UC-DISINFECT model.


The Pure Effect ULTRA-WH-PRO is our 2nd Generation Whole House Filter which has various improvements over the previous model such as: 

1. Advanced flow monitor with LED cartridge life indicator.

2. 3x More filtration capacity (150,000 gallons).

3. Advanced 2 Stage Pre-Filter for superior particle removal range (including micro-plastics and very fine particles).

4. Uses a compressed catalytic carbon block instead of granular carbon which is much more thorough with minimal impact on water pressure and releases almost no carbon dust during initial flushing.

5. Reduced maintenance cost by 44%+ due to greater cartridge capacity.

6. Reduced pressure drop for greater flow rates/volumes through the home.


PHASE 1: (Particles)  The 1st clear smaller chamber which the water enters contains our Advanced 2-Stage Pre-Filter which has 2 phases of particle removal (with apx. 90% efficiency) starting at 25 micron on the exterior followed by 1 micron at the end.  This logical gradient of micron layers prevents larger particles from prematurely clogging the filter, yet, ensures that even microscopic 1 micron particles are still removed.  Not only does this Pre-Filter do a phenomenal job at removing rust, silt, dirt, sediment, microplastics and other particles, but it significantly protects and extends the life of the main filter.  Made in USA, FDA Title 21 Food-Grade and NSF/ANSI 61, 42, & 371 compliant.

PHASE 2: (Chemicals, Radiation, Heavy Metals) As the water reaches the Main Tank it meets with a highly advanced and oversized 0.5 micron catalytic carbon block (comes in 3 micron version for homes with low water pressure issues) that has apx. 85-99% efficacy (depending on particular contaminant, flow rate, etc.).  This unique cartridge can absorb PFOS/PFOA, Lead, Mercury, Chloramine, Chlorine, Disinfection byproducts, Herbicides/Pesticides, VOCs, Drug Residues, Radon, Uranium, Radium, and many other contaminants to significantly improve the water quality in your home.  Made in USA, NSF/ANSI 44, 53 & P473 compliant.

PHASE 3: (Descaler-MAXTM) This is an optional and final phase the water passes through and is recommended for those with hard water and metal (e.g. copper) plumbing systems.  It helps protect and even restore the plumbing system (pipes and water using appliances) from calcium build-up and eliminates premature damage.  It works by a technology called "NAC" (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization), which is a fancy way of saying the calcium charge is "neutralized" by forming a larger calcium particle which is then prevented from sticking to metal.  The benefit of this is that the naturally-occurring minerals are preserved in your water, while at the same time, your plumbing system is protected.  And unlike with water softeners, the water taste, feel, pH and mineral content are not affected as nothing is added or removed in this process.  More info on the Descaler-MAXTM can be seen here.  Media Made in Germany and is NSF/ANSI 61 compliant.

Regarding Fluoride Removal: If you have Fluoride in your water supply and would like to remove it, this is best done by a point of use system in the kitchen, such as our undercounter or countertop models.  Fluoride is flow sensitive and requires a slower flow to be adequately filtered.  Further, Fluoride is not a gas and does not evaporate, so it cannot be breathed in during a shower.  Further, there is evidence it isn't easily absorbed by the skin.  In our opinion, removing Fluoride on a whole house level (for toilet, dish washing, clothes washing water, etc.) would add significant initial and ongoing expense without reasonable benefit.


Filter Replacement: Apx. every 12 months for a 5 person household.

Maintenance Cost: Apx. $44/Month ($68 w/Descaler). *Based on annual filter cost for a 5 person household.

Installation Instructions: 1" Pipe / 3/4" Pipe

Apx. space requirements: 70" (Height) x 40" (Width) x 13" (Depth)

Optimal Flow Rate: Apx. 8 GPM

Max Flow Rate: Apx. 15 GPM

Max Temp. Range: 40F-120F

Max Pressure: <80PSI

Warranty: 2 Years


*Contaminant removal % based upon internal and/or independent laboratory water analysis. Individual results may vary.  **Our filter systems are designed to be used only with water that is approved for drinking by the local, state and/or federal regulations.

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